Gear i use

This is the gear that i use for my Filmmaking and Photography. Click on the pictures to learn more about the equipment.


This is the main camera that i use for both Video And Photography. The body is small but has a 24Mp censor that give awesome 4k quality footage. I switched to this camera from the Sony A7sii and i love it!

variable nd filter

The VND i use from Polarpro and Peter Mckinnon is a high quality filter i use on all my outdoor adventures.

Sony 16-35 F 2.8 BEAST

This lens is a beast! The lens is perfect for my minimalist filming setup and it is super sharp! This lens sits on the camera 95% of the time. It is that good!

zeiss batis 85 f 1.8

This is my portrait lens i use to get that bokeh goodness.

My eye in the sky

Dji Mavic 2 Pro gives amazing aerial footage and i’m so happy i got this. Coupled with some ND filters i can fly for almost 30 minutes . Compact but powerful!

45 liter backpack

I use Peak design’s backpack system with inserts to organize my minimalist filmmaking setup. I love it!

ninja v + 500gb ssd

External recorder and monitor of choice. I love to have a good screen when i record talking head videos or to see properly what i’m recording outside. paired with Angelbird 500gb ssd.

memory cards

I use multiple memory cards that i have with me. I choose to use 64 gb cards for both video and photo. Might upgrade to bigger capacity in the future.

dji ronin s

Good gimble stabilizer to get those stable shots. I love the programable features of it so i can record movement without doing anything.

battery charger

Charger for Sony Z batteries.

Sony z battery

I got 4 batteries for my Sony A7iii and these will last me all day for video and photography.

røde videomic pro plus

This microphone is fantastic to record clean and good audio for your camera.

osmo pocket

For the size, This is amazing! It will not replace my Sony A7iii. But as a B camera for quick shots it is fantastic.

sennheiser mk2 lav

This is the most amazing lav system out there, A little pricy but the reliability of this system and quality is outstanding! Small too!

LUTs and presets

I use presets and LUTs that i use for my videos and photos as well. check them out here!

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