How to become a filmmaker? Tips you NEED to know!

2015 was the year i really found my passion for making videos and that later become my journey to become a Filmmaker traveling the world and making Youtube videos.

In this time my work has evolved. From starting out with just a Gopro Hero 4 Silver, To working with more professional gear today. I’ve learned a lot in the process. So Today i’m going to give you some tips on how to get started if you want to make videos or become a Filmmaker.


Sounds simple right? Well… Let me explain..

Making videos takes time, A lot of time. And getting the ball rolling to start the process of making videos can be very daunting for a lot of you, I get that. It was that for me as well.

The first thing you should do is ofcourse get out there and shoot whatever you like. It does not matter. Make yourself a mission to make a video and then get back and edit that video. Congrats! You have now made your first video! Then move on to the next one.


To get better you need to watch a lot of Tutorials on how to film, How to edit a video etc. You can find tutorials on everything on Youtube. That’s how i learned to get better at filming and editing my videos. It’s very important to invest time in learning.

But watching the tutorials is not going to get you to where you want to be. You also need to apply action. After you have learned something new you should go out and try it. And do it time and time again until you feel comfortable with what you have just learned.

Camera Gear

So what camera should you get?

Well. If you got a decent smartphone you already have a great camera to start with. The reason i’m saying you should use your smartphone is so you have something to start out with and a tool to get you started making videos.

When i first started out i mentioned i used a Gopro Hero 4 Silver. Later i bought a Canon 70D. And after that i upgraded to a Sony A7sii with many different lenses. But today i own only two lenses and i use a Sony A7iii

If you however start out with your phone you should invest in a good microphone at least. I’ve left some links down below to some good mics.

Awesome Microphone for Smartophones